Age Group

We believe that the ages of 4-18 years form the Golden age of learning for young boys and girls.

Learning through games while having fun, making friendships and developing team spirit are key ingredients in developing a football player for life.

The reasoning behind opening football club is that they play a vital role in the local community. Not only do they teach the children to live a healthy lifestyle, they also help develop an individual’s sporting talents, ultimately bringing people from the local community together. Apart from that, football gives countless youngsters and adults a chance to have fun and at the same, learn the values of teamwork and discipline.

Since its beginning Andheri Ultras Football Club has made a commitment to develop football in the local region. Whether it be promoting grassroots football or establishing football schools, the goal has always remained the same which is to promote football in the community and bring forward local talent by establishing a strong foundation.

By initiating young kids into football at a young age, it is helpful to their development as a professional as they begin to develop their game sense and start understanding the technicalities of football. Thus, as they grow and develop, so does their knowledge of the game, keeping them a step ahead of those who join the sport at a latter age.

The Golden Baby Leagues project was launched in the year 2018 in association with FIFA’s development program.

The Golden Baby Leagues Project is a long-term player development initiative that aims to grow a new generation of players, boys, and girls, that start playing football from a very young age.

The project envisages that children get exposure to an age-appropriate number of games and playing formats as they grow older.

The Golden Baby Leagues is aimed for all stakeholders of Indian Football who are engaged with children within this age group, be it clubs, academies, schools, non-government organizations, parents, coaches, football fans.

Everyone! Anyone can organize the AIFF Golden Baby Leagues, anywhere in the country. The Leagues aim to provide access to football in the children’s locality irrespective of gender, religion, economic background or ethnic origin.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

The Andheri Ultras Football Club structure is designed to nurture footballers right from initiation to realizing their complete potential. We do this by always putting football first, bringing best-in-class facilities, services, coaches and opportunities to our students before, during and after their tenure with ANDHERI ULTRAS FOOTBALL CLUB. Our team and management wear many hats, serving as coaches, educators, players, mentors and scouts.

The club has powered a journey to spread the love for the game while creating a positive impact on the society.

Our Football Club is supported by All India Football Federation. The tie-ups with different clubs in India and around the world ensure our players get professional opportunities across the football ecosystem.

AUFC offers short-term Football training programs for boys and girls across all skill levels in the age range of 4 to 18 years. The centers spread all over the city offer coaching facilities for youngsters who wish to pursue their passion for football while developing skill-sets, fitness, competitive spirit and a sense of fraternity.

The girls academy is a full-fledged, year-long program offering an optimal balance of sports and education set in a highly safe and secure environment. The top-notch facilities, and a challenging curriculum is integrated with a revolutionary personal development module to promote athletic progression, character development, leadership and overall personality.