While playing with friends at the park on weekends or evenings might seem like you’re building your skills, joining a team at Andheri Ultras football club gives you access to professional coaches that can help increase your chance of being explored.

It also allows you to practice regularly and allows you to play alongside well-experienced players, ultimately helping you decide if this is the career for you.

If you work hard and play well in our club football matches, you may be picked for the national squad and have the opportunity to represent your country as a football player.

Come from practicing football since you were growing up and you are now looking for the opportunity to transform this into a career, football offers more than enough opportunities that you may want to consider pursuing. From being a professional player to coaching, management, nutrition, and even communications, there is a wide range of jobs that you can choose from within this field.

However, like many industries, football is highly competitive, and getting your dream job in football requires dedication. If you’re looking to get into football but are not sure what skills, qualifications, and experience you need, join Andheri Ultras Football Club as we discuss the best ways that you can start a football career.

Joining a local team is an essential step in the journey to becoming a professional player. Football coaches often have years of experience under their belts and a strong understanding of the key skills required for this sport.

Since We have likely worked with many young talents over the years, Our coaches will know how best to guide beginners or intermediate players to more advanced levels.

Live a healthy lifestyle

To keep up with the physical demands of training sessions, it’s important to ensure you look after your mental and physical health to remain at peak performance. This involves ensuring you have a balanced diet, getting enough sleep (8-10 hours a night) as well as engaging in other exercise, such as running and weight training. As well as proving to a lookout that you are serious about this lifestyle, this will also help to support your actual football performance.

Kick off your football career

If you are keen to kick off your football career, or you’re looking for a career change and have been playing football as a hobby since you were younger, there are many ways you can start working towards your goal of becoming a professional player. However, no football career would be complete without some durable, performance-enhancing gear.