Development Activities


Here are our top 7 football training techniques you should be thinking about to improve your game.


  • Dribbling Drills. Starting with some dribbling drills is a great way to warm up.
  • Shooting Drills.
  • Crossing Drills.
  • Turning Drills.
  • Tackling Drills.
  • Heading Drills.
  • Passing Drills.

It’s important to understand that players develop differently from each other and that when one player reaches the combination of a certain level he should move to the next. It’s essential to make out, that the focus is not on ages, but on stages of development, because players can have the same age but be in completely different stages of development.

The vital thing about the Platform is that the club and the coaches understand the player’s strengths very well and use them to enhance their players. 


From Grassroots to Elite Football

Blue Cubs is the AIFF’s flagship grassroots program that aims to establish a robust foundation for Indian Football. It is part of the Strategic Roadmap ‘Vision 2047’, and its target is to engage 35 million children between the ages of 4 and 12 by 2026 and take the number up to 100 million by 2047.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) defines grassroots football as ‘All football which is non-professional and non-elite’. It intends to bring all together by providing access to Football regardless of age, gender, physical condition, skin color, religion, or ethnic origin.

Grassroots Football lays the foundation of the sport, and its primary aim is to increase participation for children, youth, amateurs, veterans, those with physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, the visually impaired, and even the socially disadvantaged.

Fitness And Technical Training

Technical skills are a vital aspect of a football player’s list of capabilities. These skills involve the ability to control the ball with great precision, pass the ball with accuracy, dribble past opponents, shoot accurately, and tackle effectively.

It is important to note that these skills are necessary for all football players. Irrespective of their position on the field. Therefore, it is crucial to invest time and effort into mastering technical skills to become a successful football player.

Tactical skills are also an integral part of a football player’s skill set. These skills include the ability to read the game, comprehend the team’s game plan, and make swift decisions on the field.

Knowing when to pass the ball, when to shoot, when to defend, and when to attack is critical to achieving success in football. Thus, mastering tactical skills is essential to become a competent football player who can contribute to their team’s success.