• The national governing body of Football in India, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and various state football associations organize a number of football tournaments in India.
  • The Indian Football tournaments are organized every year in various levels, like district, regional, state or national. The Indian Football tournaments can also be classified as the senior level tournaments and junior level tournaments or the Women’s Football tournaments.
  • Mumbai Football Association has announced the first set of schedule for the upcoming MFA Super League with 37 divided in 3 Groups

  • Among all the tournaments, the Indian regional Football tournaments play probably the most important role in bringing up new talents to the national level. Indian Football tournaments act as the backbone of Indian Football, as they provide a solid platform to the young and talented players to show their skills and get noticed.

  • Football tournaments in India have the importance at international and national level before Indian Super League.
  • Indian Super League is the newest addition in international based football tournaments organized by Indians.
  • Being considered as one of the most popular and extensively played games in India, the game of Football has brought a lot of glory to the nation, so far. Indian Football players have earned considerable amount of recognition and reputation in the international circuit so far.