Our Mission




Through a love of the game and our innovative football school of thought, we inspire children to reach their personal goals.

Andheri Ultras Football Club’s- style of play is to develop skill technique and tactical ability. However, this style will set up our players at all levels to reach their goals in football while enjoying their selves.

While playing with our tactics on the field we will continue to strive to create a program that fosters a place for every player based on their goals.

Players will be well rounded in regards to their physical, technical and physiological abilities on the field.

All athletes ideally need to be able to play all positions. As it helps them to understand the game better while being taught a balance of attack and defense.

Off field, we will teach all of our players to be polite and respectful while being tough and aggressive. All professionals are expected to be passionate about the game.

Aspiring football players must recognize the significance of good vision and work hard to develop this skill to its fullest potential.

With exceptional vision, players can unlock the full potential of their performance and become true game-changers.

Communication is a vital aspect of football that can make or break a player’s performance on the field.

Effective communication helps players coordinate their movements, make quick decisions, and execute game-winning plays.

In football, communication is essential, and players must be able to convey their thoughts and ideas clearly to their teammates to succeed.

It’s a thrilling sensation to watch a team working in perfect unison, moving in sync with each other, and executing plays flawlessly.

football players must recognize the importance of communication and work on developing this skill to become top-performing athletes.

With excellent communication skills, players can elevate their performance and become true leaders on the field.

Football is a beautiful team sport that requires players to work together towards a common goal. In football, individual performance alone cannot guarantee success. Players must put the team’s interests ahead of their own and work collaboratively to achieve victory.

“A place for every player, coach & referee”

“Building Champions of Tomorrow”


We believe in developing a first class football club that will provide the tools
for everyone to succeed in the beautiful game.

Motivate our Players to Play as a Team and to Care About the Team.

It will be a lot more fun and you will get better results.

Teach our Players to Do Their Job and to Trust Teammates to Do Their Jobs.

Motivate our Players to Never Give Up.

Set Achievable Goals and Strive for Improvement at Every Practice and Every Game.

Motivate our players to come to practice, set achievable goals for each player’s improvement, and praise and reward each player’s improvement.

Keep track of each player’s improvement in skills, actions, and teamwork. Step-by-step, on-going improvement builds confidence and is the key to success.